This is your data map

This is your data map, It’s where all your article 30 records of processing are recorded. 

The information documented here is linked to your privacy policies and privacy centre and is the basis from which they are generated. Make sure to be thorough and accurate here. Feel free to check in with one of our experts if you need some help along the way!

Changes to your data map will be shown as staged changes on your privacy control centre. These will be updated on your privacy centre and policies when you next generate or publish them. 


How to use your data map

Your data activities are split into business functions listed vertically down the screen. Data activities sit on data cards. You can drag and drop data activity cards as you please. 

Data view tabs

Across the top of the data map are view tabs.


These provide useful views of your data activities by:

  • ACTIVITIES (Data activities) 
  • ROLE (Role in processing) 
  • DATA (Categories of data processed)
  • INDIVIDUALS (Data subjects)
  • RETENTION (Data retention schedules)
  • LAWFUL BASIS (Lawful basis for processing data)
  • THIRD PARTIES (Third party services used)

Data activity cards

Incomplete data activities records will be marked with an orange dot. When they are complete they will be marked as green. To complete or edit a data activity work your way across the view tabs at the top, or simply select the pencil tool on the data activity card to open access all the information on the data activity in one view.


Editing a business function

To edit or delete a function or to assign it to an individual, select the pencil tool next to the function name. 


Adding a new business function

To add a new function click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen