Getting started with Privacy Centre

What is a Privacy Centre and why is it important?

Privacy Centers are fast becoming the preferred way to present your brand’s privacy policies and values. They look great, can be customised to feel like your brand, and are super easy to maintain. what’s more, your customers will thank you for it too!


Privacy Centre control panel - get to know

Welcome to your Privacy Centre control panel. From here you can generate and customise your privacy policies and brand privacy portal known as a Privacy Centre.

Your privacy centre is split into 2 main sections. 

1 - Left-hand side

The area on the left represents your brand Privacy Centre. From here you can edit how it will look simply by clicking the edit (pen) tool next to the elements you want to change.



Customise the text that introduces each section of your policy to add a personalised feel and messaging to your privacy centre. 


Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_09.59.31.png2 - Right-hand side - action plan

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find your action plan. By following these simple steps in just a few minutes will generate you:

  • a tailor-made privacy policy
  • branded privacy centre hosted on your own domain
  • Connected data map & Article 30 records of processing

Complete all the steps in your action plan to complete this section and unlock your privacy dashboard.


Privacy center - publishing, versions and updates

Once your action plan is complete you can go ahead and publish your privacy centre. You may wish to preview your privacy centre before publishing. Simple press preview and then publish when ready.

Once published your Privacy Centre status will be indicated here. Any changes now made to your privacy information will be shown as staged changes. Re-publishing your privacy centre will push any staged changes live. Changes to your privacy centre will be logged and recorded as versions over time.