Customise your branding

Now to the fun stuff. This is where you can customise your privacy centre to match your brand. Don't worry, nothings set in stone here, you can play around with this until you’re happy. And our team of experts are always willing to help if you need some design assistance to perfect your privacy centre branding.

Changes here once saved will be reflected in your privacy centre preview. Here’s a look at a few examples of what can be done! 


Select or customise your theme

Themes are made of up of two elements: 

  1. Background header image and 
  2. Theme colour - text headers and icon colour. 

We’ve provided a few defaults to choose from or you can choose to make your own. Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_19.03.20.pngOr make your own theme...



#” represents the hexadecimal colour code for a particular colour you want to use such as your brand colour. If you don't know your brand HEX colour codes you can use inspect in your browser to bring up a hex colour code inspector. From here simply hover over and click on the area of your screen with the colour you want to match such as your brand logo, and copy it into the hex code box inside


Your banner image

This is the image that sits at the top of the screen behind your logo. Try to select a letterbox shaped image (around 1920 x 322 is ideal but other sizes will work too) to use that will contrast well with your logo.


Your logo image

This is the image that will be used as your logo, displayed at the top of the screen in front of your banner image. The image will resize automatically and is optimised for letterbox shaped logos like the example below. If you have a square logo it might come out a bit stretched and without the proper top and bottom spacing. To avoid this try cropping your square-shaped logo to a letterbox shape. You don't need to change the design just add transparent spacing around it. If you need help with any of this our team will be happy to assist you.


Logo position

Depending on the look and feel of your website and logo, you may want to align your logo left, right or even centre. Simply select the option that works best for you.