Tell us about your business 

This is the first step in teaching PORT’s AI about your business. The information you provide here will be used to build a profile of your business, generate your data map and where necessary will be provided as information on your privacy centre and policies.


What name does your business trade as?

This is simply the name your customers know your business as. For example “Alifas ltd” would just be “Alifas” here.Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_18.16.19.png

What is the main address of your business?

This is the postal address of your main office. It may be different to the registered office address recorded at Companies House. This address will be provided to individuals on your privacy centre and in your Article 30 records of processing as required by the regulator. Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_18.19.04.png

Do you have a website?

If you have a website you are likely to carry out certain data processes such as activity logging, access management and security such as passwords and logins. automatically maps data activities associated with managing a website if applicable to you. Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_18.21.00.png

What is your website address?

We use this information to link your privacy centre to your website. We recommended using your home page here. Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_18.22.08.png

Is your organisation registered with the ICO?

Every organisation or sole trader who processes personal information has to register with the regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and pay a data protection fee unless they are exempt.

The registration process should only take 15 minutes to complete and pay your fee. In some cases, you may be exempt.

The fees range from £40 to £2,900. The fee depends on the size of your organisation, your turnover and, in some cases, the type of organisation you are. It’s structured like this out of fairness.

The Information Commissioner's Office provides a helpful quick self-assessment tool to find out if you are exempt.

Self assessment tool


What is your ICO registration reference?

This is the reference number given to you by the ICO. It should start with a “Z”, something like this: ZA617861Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_17.18.47.png