Collaborative GDPR tools

Data compliance regulations apply to your business as a whole and are effective in every part of your operations. Whilst you might have one individual in charge of compliance as a whole, its key members of your team that determine how you operate, and so it important to make sure they are part of the process.

Thanks to PORT’s fully collaborative tools, any task can be assigned to someone and even reassigned later on.

Collaborative data mapping

As you begin your journey through your tailored action plan, you’ll have a chance to invite key team members across your organisation in charge of the fields of operations: Administration, Customer Service, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Operations and Sales. These individuals will then be guided through a simple process to discover and record exactly what personal data they process in order to fulfil their particular business functions. Once they’ve all been recorded, you’ll be able to see all the data activities, third party processors and data types mapped across your organisation, assign their legal basis and generate accurate privacy documentation to match, all inside PORT.

Connected and up-to-date

Once you have generated your policy documentation, smart reviews designed to flag any changes to processing automatically engage with your team and update your policies when necessary, making staying up to date simple.

Putting policy into practice

So you ave your privacy documentation, but its’s only effective if you put it into practice. PORT’s collaborative tools guide team leaders in following the practices laid out in your documentation, in the form of a tailored action plan designed to keep your business’s GDPR compliance on track.