What is not covered by data protection insurance?

Data Protection Insurance excludes cover for (this is not an exhaustive list, please read the Policy for more details and a full list of exclusions):

  • physical injury, sickness, disease or death, including mental anguish or emotional distress resulting from same;
  • physical injury to or destruction of any tangible property, including the loss of use thereof;
  • any actual or alleged false, deceptive or unfair trade practices, antitrust violation, restraint of trade, unfair competition or false, deceptive or misleading advertising.
  • Unlawful collection or retention of Personally Identifiable Information or other personal information;
  • Distribution of unsolicited email, text messages, direct mail, facsimiles or other communications, wire tapping, recording or telemarketing;
  • Prior Known Acts & Prior Noticed Claims
  • Racketeering, Benefit Plans, Employment Liability & Discrimination
  • Sale or Ownership of Securities & Violation of Securities Laws
  • Criminal, Intentional or Fraudulent Acts committed by the Insured or by others with whom the Insured has colluded;
  • Patent, Software Copyright, Misappropriation of Information;
  • Governmental Actions: Claims brought by or on behalf of any national, local or foreign governmental entity, in such entity’s regulatory or official capacity;
  • Other Insureds & Related Enterprise
  • Trading Losses, Loss of Money & Discounts;
  • This Data Protection Insurance also contains exclusions specific for Media-Related Exposures and for First Party Loss.