Are my Risk Rating and Compliance Scores confidential?

Your Risk Rating is private

Your Risk Rating is strictly confidential. Only you have the right to share this information.

As a company specialising in data protection, we see it as our duty to pursue best practice in all areas of personal data and security. All data is encrypted and analytical data anonymised in accordance with ISO 27001 certification requirements. 

Your Compliance score and records are confidential, encrypted and secure

As you start to build your compliance score inside PORT, you will be required to provide information about your company in relation to GDPR.

The information you record with PORT is stored for the sole purpose of your benefit and is there to guide you in building a compliant log of your actions so you can demonstrate your compliance when you need to. No one has the right to access or share this information without your explicit consent. 

In the event of an insurance claim, your records are there for your access and benefit.