Tailor your policy documentation to simplify your compliance obligations

Having policy documentation is one thing, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t put it into practice. And that’s where templates or borrowing/adapting policy documentation can cause problems. In either instance, you are likely to be adopting processes that don’t make sense for you to do or that are just practically unachievable.

Policy documentation is a declaration of what you will do. That’s why it is important to refine your documentation to build a concise and accurate reflection of your business that is compliant and achievable.

PORT makes compliance simple and your business safer. 

The principle is simple. PORT helps you understand what you do with personal data in your business and then helps you adapt or build out your policy documentation and process to match.

Once set up, you will have a tailored set of processes that are both manageable and effective for your business, alongside tailored quarterly reviews to keep you up to date.