How long does it take to get GDPR set up on PORT?

The requirements of GDPR can vary drastically depending on your business. PORT saves you time by understanding your business and how it operates to hone in on the key areas of the regulation you need to focus on.

Quick Setup in 1 week

The initial setup is made up of a series of GDPR tasks designed to be easy with assistance at every step. This usually takes a business about 1 week to complete when committing an hour a day, but it’s possible to get set up in a day with a clear schedule. 

The amount of time this will take ultimately is dependent on the complexity of your business and the current status of your compliance. But with our experts on hand to guide you through key decisions and understanding around the regulation, you will have a safe and achievable GDPR policy mapped out in no time! 

As you complete the tasks, PORT learns about your business so it can dynamically adapt your tasks to make sure your specific GDPR obligations are met.

Completing tasks will also increase your GDPR score, a measure of the compliance you have record inside PROT to date. 

Discover your GDPR score and start improving it - 2 weeks

Now you have your GDPR Score, we can start helping you improve, highlighting key areas you need to focus on to boost your score. PORT will hold your hand through each step, as well as updating your records and score as you go. 

Complete the outstanding tasks to boost your score, for a safer business and earn PORT's GDPR best practice award, that builds trust with your customers and lets then know you're doing things right.

But being more compliant doest mean more work. For many businesses, standard compliance policies can often be too onerous, declaring processes that are unnecessary and impractical from them to follow. We will help you systematically build and implement a record of policies that accurately represent your business operations, making your business safer and compliance simpler. 

Ongoing - Quarterly reviews - 4 times per year

The GDPR requires businesses to regularly review their data processing activities, DPIA's, legal basis, security, retention, implantation and inturn your policies to ensure accuracy and best practice. And this should all be documented. But knowing what you need to review and when can be a real challenge.

PORT keeps you up to date and accurate with quarterly reviews tailored to your business, logging minutes and changes, triggering new actions where necessary, even updating your policies automatically, saving you big time on recurring expensive legal fees.