How PORT's software helps with GDPR?

Daasdfashboard3_-_Activity.pngAnyone can do GDPR with PORT’s easy to use GDPR software, holding your hand through the complexities of GDPR. Working behind the scenes PORT delivers a tailored experience so you only have to focus on areas of concern to your business operations.

Easy setup

Keep things simple by focusing on areas of GDPR relevant to your business. PORT breaks down the regulation into a series of challenges designed to be easy and intuitive. Complex areas of the regulation are hidden unless they are required of your business.


Access help built-in at every step

With GDPR you’re bound to have questions. Access help articles, the GDPR and support in-app, or request a call back from our data experts.


Understand your GDPR obligations based on your activities

How GDPR is implemented and managed is dependent on the nature of your specific business operations. PORT help you map what personal data you collect and what you need to do to process it compliantly in your business.  

Record and document accurately

PORT helps ensure your records stay safe and accurate. Upload or record policy documentation as you work your way through the GDPR challenges.

Gain visibility of the level of compliance in you are operating at

Gauge how compliant you really are. PORT generates a GDPR score based on your answers and obligations to help you know how GDPR safe your business is.


Address areas of concern

PORT highlights key issues helping you address them swiftly and easily. Access live support or schedule an appointment for guidance in addressing any outstanding concerns

Never miss a review or deadline

Relax, PORT provides helpful reminders and notifications helping you stay on track of the reviews and audits required by the regulation. Get notified when data needs to be deleted or checked for accuracy. 

Keep your records up to date

Just like an MOT you need to keep ongoing records of the internal checks and reviews you carry out to ensure you remain compliant. PORT keeps you on track with quarterly reviews tailored to your business operations. Reviews and actions are logged with a timestamp and can be recalled in your records when you need them.